Food Service

  • School Lunch Program

    Lakewood schools prepare and serve nourishing breakfasts and lunches daily. Our elementary schools will have two or more lunch choices daily that include protein, fruit/vegetable, bread, and milk. Breakfast cereal choices are offered twice a week, with a hot selection offered the other days.

    At the middle and high school, a hot breakfast or choice of cereal will be offered daily and students may choose from the daily special, pizza, burger, and burrito specials every day. Ala Carte items such as chips, cookies, and fruit drinks are also available.

    Our high school offers a full menu that includes Mexican food entrees, burgers, pizza, deli sandwiches, specials, fruits, and salads every day. A large variety of a la carte items is also available. Students may either prepay for meals or purchase them each day. Charging of meals is not allowed.
    If you have questions about the school food service, please call the Food Services Department at (360) 654-2079.

    2019-20 Meal Prices 

    Lunch Prices
    Milk (all schools) $ .50
    Grades K-5 $ 2.95
    Middle and High School $ 3.25
    Non-student $ 3.75

    Breakfast Prices
    K-12 $1.75
    Non-Student $2.25

    Please write the student's full name in the memo section of all checks sent for meals. We do not give change for checks to students; the full amount will be deposited in their account. If your child changes schools or grades within the Lakewood School District, his/her balance and free/reduced status moves with them.

    Food Service Charge Policy

    Directions to Add Funds to Student Meal Accounts

    To add funds to your student's meal account electronically:

    • Go to Family Access and log in with your username and password (if you have not used Family Access or need your username and password, please contact the secretary at the school your student attends).
    • Click on Food Service, then Fee Management.
    • At the top of the page is Make a Payment. Enter the amount of your payment and card number.
    • Payments for all students in the household can be made with just this one login.