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Thank you, Lakewood voters!

Words "We are Lakewood"Dear Families and Community Members:

On behalf of our students, school board and all staff in Lakewood schools, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our Lakewood community, which has voted to support the Educational Programs and Operations Levy in early returns.

We are extremely grateful to our Lakewood voters. As of 8:15 p.m., April 27, 2021, our levy is passing with percent 52.02% Yes votes to 47.98% No votes. You can keep track of the final vote totals over the coming days at the Snohomish County Auditor’s election results page. The next round of results will be posted tomorrow at 5 p.m. The election will be certified on May 7, 2021.

Even with more ballot returns in the coming days, we are confident that the results will hold up. So many people contributed to this effort and wrapped around our schools. Thank you for taking the time to learn about the issues; thank you for making your voice heard; and, of course, thank you for supporting our schools. To those that did not support our request, we hope to earn your future support through the transparency of our work and the success of our students. We hope you will reach out to us to learn the answers to your questions and let us know more about your concerns.

This levy helps maintain Lakewood’s quality educational programs and opportunities for our students. The local levy makes up about 16% of Lakewood schools’ total budget—a vital part of our funding that contributes mightily to the quality of education our students receive in Lakewood. We fulfill a promise that extends back through generations when we maintain the funding that helps our to students excel and enter adulthood ready to contribute our community.

As we begin to put the pandemic behind us, our schools and students have some catching up to do. The state has directed all public schools to develop recovery plans to address social-emotional and academic gaps created during the pandemic. This levy will continue to support programs to meet those needs.

We would not be where we are tonight without the hard work and dedication of our Lakewood staff, the many volunteers –parents, staff and community members—who ensured that friends and neighbors were well-informed, and to those who showed support with their vote. The school board and I thank you for your support.

All the best,